A Note About Tom  
Yes, Tom is a real person who lives in the god awful state of Arizona. He is someone like you or I, who is trying to make his way in this new digital world. He is someone who is curious, bright and caring. He is someone who sends his girlfriend lots of sweet emails and photo attachments. He is someone who is just beginning to see the possibilities of the future.
 Tom's SF Photo
My Tale  
I will begin by saying that I am a skeptic. You should know I read books and like touching the paper they are printed on. You should know I am cautious and tedious and doubting. I am behind in the electronics race. I have been napping through most of the digital revolution.

Since the eighties the low hum of e-commerce, email and stock options has been buzzing softly somewhere in the background of my life. It all begins after I move to San Francisco. Before I realize it, I am at the public library wading in the net, out over my head, clicking on links that lead to error messages. Wiggling around in my chair, I discover the reload button. I register for Hotmail.(This is where I get hooked, pay attention.)I find myself at the library twice a week waiting behind homeless people to check my email.

I end up taking some computer courses at night. I buy a Mac. It sings to me. I am sending email, building my own Web pages and dreaming of e-commerce.I begin to use instant messaging services and ordering my groceries from Webvan. I am dually seduced by the prospect of starting a business, and discovering creative tools to develop my interest in digital photography, animation and film. And before you know it I become one of them- A liberal arts major who lives in a tiny apartment, who eats dinner in the kitchen in front of the computer.

Each day is a new day on the Internet, and each day I discover a new tool to tinker with. The next chapter is in the making. We will see what I am made of. Me, with my Communications degree from a college no one has ever heard of. (Piss off you ******Alumni Buzzards!) Me with my enthusiasm and faith. I am excited about the future and if I failed to convey my interest and affection for the Internet I apologize. It's my tone- for years people have been reprimanding me for it. It's not angry or indifferent- it's earnest.

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